segunda-feira, 1 de abril de 2013

How to achieve world peace?

Disinformation in depth about the real world economic and sociopolitical situation is a tragedy fueled, when it should be decreased, for all the media around the globe.

We need to defend pacifism as advance, as a solution. Nonviolence as "weapon more powerful than the atomic bomb", as Gandhi said. He proved, making it the most efficient solution to liberate the immense people of India, from the occidental oppression of the British Empire, which was far superior technically and militarily.

The same is true today with the huge population of the world, the 99% who are in the hands of the 1% who exploit them, and prevail upon all the 0.1% of great financiers and rulers of empires. Their only weapon and possibility is the nonviolence, since technically, organizationally, in terms of efficiency, can never be compared with the Military Industrial Complex, except in a way destructive and self-destructive, as Islamic terrorists do.

Thus, we see the world going towards the abyss of trillion dollar wars, the impostures of Wall Street (and the big financiers around the world) also of trillions of dollars and attempts to continue to prevail through the power of petrodollars. Conducted around the world by a bankrupt policy of the neocons or neoliberals.

Moves and financial bubbles imaginatively created in the last decades, for the benefit of elites, and marginally of more favored populations of rich countries (U.S. and Europe), to the detriment of developing countries.

In the U.S., the middle class lost the "real" work, industries to China and the Asian Tigers, going to benefit marginally from financial artifices, housing bubble, and sub-prime. That's because the American empire is the only nation to print (wildly) the world currency, the dollar, from the last 60 years.

In Europe, the southern populations receive exaggerated benefits of the welfare state, fat and premature retirements and special medical services, who are now leading these countries to bankrupt by hindsight.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world goes hungry and lacking, and the wars kill innocents. Drones and supersonic kill and mutilate in the villages of the end of the world, more than 100 innocent people for every bandit achieved.

The power of the imperial states reigns almost absolute, rose to the nth power by the latest generation of weapons of the Military Industrial Complex. The use of drones is a huge negative transformation in the “ethics” of the wars, and populations of the world don’t take notice or don’t position themselves, except for minorities, wholly insignificant.

War crimes committed by the major powers are not limited. They are hidden, or are looked complacently by the UN, which should be the forum for all the peoples, but only acts as a bionic Senate (unelected) and dominated by powerful governments, especially by those who hold the power of veto. So, UN enthrones the injustice, the oppression, and the sovereignty and territory dispossession of weaker nations.

Empires justify themselves legalizing torture. Nobel Peace Prize winners preach and feed  wars. Crazy people in military desperate commit suicide and kill their children and brothers in the hateful work to thread at least a bit of steel in the powerful enemy. Who are the biggest criminals?

And people do not manifest. The media simply routinely search their best positions of profit and illusory efficiency, holding a mere physiological behavior of a true fourth power, without taking anything to any conclusion.

We need to raise more voices, to show the truth and enlighten humans. And also arouse the interest, the membership, the support groups, and the creation of political, social and economic actions, performing the necessary tasks.

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